Design and consulting

Design and consulting

On the competence of consultants and designers depends mainly the success of the entire project

The most important decisions during any investment process are made in its initial phase. It is on the competence of consultants and designers that the success of the entire project depends, to the main extent

AK NOVA company, thanks to its competent team of employees, consultants and partners, helps its clients make the right decisions at every stage of the project. The experience of the management in the preparation and implementation of investments in the field of environmental protection (including waste management), guarantees a high level of substantive studies such as:

  • Technical-technological concepts and functional-utility programs (MBP installations, PSZOK, landfills, etc.),
  • Regional Municipal Waste Treatment Plants (RIPOK) projects:
  • waste sorting plants,
  • Biological waste processing facilities (biostabilization/composting, digestion),
  • landfills;
  • Landfill and degraded land reclamation projects,
  • analysis and feasibility studies,
  • Environmental impact assessments (fact sheets, environmental impact reports, environmental expertise),
  • Other studies related to environmental protection (including waste management or disposal),
  • technological audits of installations.

The high level of studies guarantees the efficient implementation of the investment and its effective operation.
Thanks to our presence at the most important industry events (environmental fairs at home and abroad), participation in conferences and symposia, cooperation with scientific centers and cooperation with companies in the environmental sector from abroad, we can offer state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Recent realizations

Design, modernization and expansion of the existing sewage sludge composting plant at Świderska Street in Lukow

Implementation date:
See implementation

Modernization and expansion of the biological part of the installation of mechanical-biological processing of waste at ZUO in Krosno

Implementation date:
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