MIFOD- 10th International Forum on Waste Management

MIFOD is a meeting of people interested in the practical aspects of waste management. Participation in a series of lectures and discussions will help you find your way in the increasingly complex world of regulations, interpretations, processes, etc. related to waste. The previous edition of the Forum was attended by more than 220 registered participants.


This year's edition is held under the theme "ES", as in "System Effectiveness" in waste management. We will listen and discuss where we are, where we are going, what challenges and opportunities we have, what limits us and how to overcome barriers. In this edition of our meeting, it will be modern, innovative and international. We will take a holistic look at the Polish waste management system in comparison with other European countries. We will host representatives from Slovakia, Portugal who will present their systems, challenges and directions, and a specialist in landfill leachate treatment systems from Austria. We will try to identify methods to optimize waste collection, collection, transportation and management systems. The forum is also intended to hint at possible strategies, solutions or technologies available to local governments, municipal and commercial companies related to municipal waste management. Speakers will be representatives of institutions creating and supporting the waste management system(NFOŚiGW, IOŚ-PIB, Parliament of the Republic of Poland); prominent lawyers from law firms specializing in serving entities involved in waste management (Ziemski, SDZ Legal). In addition, there will be an opportunity to hear from consultants, technologists, executives of waste collection and processing companies, and scientists associated with the industry.  

Participation in the conference is FREE after sending a completed participation card -RE REGISTRATIONFOR CONFERENCES HAS COMPLETED

This year we will have 150 seats in the conference hall, for this we encourage you to register early, as participation in the event is determined by the order of registration.  

We also encourage you to visit our booth, located near the entrance to the conference room. Our specialists will be happy to share their knowledge of our current offer and determine the possible scope of cooperation.

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE - update 18.03.2024