Award in the "Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st Century" competition.

Contest "Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st Century."

Together with Miejski Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej - Krosniewski Holding Komunalny Sp. z o.o., we received a distinction in the XXVI edition of the nationwide competition "Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st Century" in the category - Environmental Protection, for a joint investment, i.e. Modernization and expansion of the Regional Waste Recovery Center at 108 Białobrzeska Street in Krosno.

The Competition Commission appreciated the modernity, comprehensiveness and automation of the technology, as well as the maximum airtightness of the facilities, which, in conjunction with air purification in the ventilation system, has practically eliminated noxious fumes and provides proper conditions for service employees. Also worthy of mention is the new PSZOK, which completes the waste processing line. Its modern solution allows residents to dispose of pre-segregated household waste independently, conveniently and efficiently.

The cooperation of 28 municipalities in the Bieszczady Mountains and southern Subcarpathia, with a population of 350,000, has resulted in a thorough modernization and expansion of the municipal waste management system that meets the requirements of EU and national law. An increase in the stream of waste diverted to reuse, recycling and recovery processes has been achieved, and thus a reduction in waste diverted to landfill.